Frequently Asked Questions



 What is a doula?

A doula is a trained non-medical support person who provides, emotional, physical comfort measures and  evidence-based support during pregnancy, labor, childbirth and postpartum.

Who uses a doula?

Not everyone is familiar with what a doula is/does and who would want to hire one. Frankly, anyone who is expecting a baby can hire a doula. Every family’s needs are different but here is a brief list of specific circumstances where a doula might be a great fit for you and your family during this time:

  • First time parents
  • Single parents
  • Families who wish to have an unmedicated OR medicated birth
  • Teen moms
  • Parents of multiples
  • C-section birth
  • Parents without family nearby
  • Breastfeeding moms
  • Families with older siblings
  • Moms at risk for or experiencing prenatal/postpartum mood disorder
  • Military families with deployed partners
  • Babies with special needs
  • Premature births

When is the best time to hire a doula? 

It is never too early to hire a doula, some families book their doula as soon as their pregnancy is confirmed! Most doulas limit the number of clients they take per month so it’s best to book early and quickly. The best time to hire a doula is around the 20 week mark, with that being said it’s certainly never too late to consider hiring a doula either! 

If I have a c-section, can I still benefit from a doula? 

Yes. Even in a surgical setting, as your doula I will be there for guidance through the procedure and to explain what is happening. With the permission of your doctor and anesthesiologist I will be there immediately while you recovery and to assist you with breastfeeding and ensure bonding.


Will I only benefit from a doula if I am having an unmedicated birth?

This is a common misconception! As a doula one of my goals is to help make sure your birth is a good memory for you. Whether you decide to get pain management or not. While an epidural is a great pain management tool it is not going to provide the same support a doula can provide. Many mothers even report needing less interventions due to the comfort measures provided by the doula. 

I have my partner and mother for help, do I really need a postpartum doula?

There really is nothing better than to already have support right at home! And I encourage families and friends to support new families in any way they can, it takes a village! Again, every family is unique, and their needs so different. My intention is to fill in the gaps, perhaps grandma can’t be there at the time of day you feel you need support the most, or your partner can only get 2 weeks of leave from work. That’s where I come in!

As your postpartum doula not only can I provide you with unbiased, non-judgmental support, answer any questions or concerns you have as a new mom but also provide you with valuable resources such as local support groups, lactation consultants, or therapists that specialize in postpartum mood disorders. I am also trained in breastfeeding support and can help to prevent problems before they arise.

Sometimes especially as a new mom it’s difficult to know how much help, if any you will need during those postpartum weeks. Most moms who did not use a postpartum doula, even those that had support from family or friends, usually wish they did! Ask your mom friends! 

When is the best time to use a postpartum doula?

Most families feel they benefit from having a postpartum doula in the very early weeks. The very first few days home are sometimes the most valuable, when mom and baby are getting accustomed to breastfeeding (day 3 especially when milk comes in can be overwhelming), this is also usually when visitors want to come and see that new bundle of joy! If your partner returns to work perhaps you would rather wait for your postpartum doula to come to help you during this transition, rather than being there the first few weeks, that’s fine too!

Do you have recommendations of preferred pediatricians, lactation consultants, and/or support groups?

As your doula I have an extensive list of resources for you to use in our area!

Do you provide care for the baby?

I am here to provide as much newborn care as your family needs; however, my goal is to encourage baby and parent bonding and to “mother the mother”.

This is not my first child, should I still use a  doula?

YES! Just because you have already experienced pregnancy and the fourth trimester doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a doula this time around! In fact, you have the knowledge of the support you perhaps lacked the first time which will help me help you!